• Make their day even when you are away

Make your dog love you more

Pawiz is the best smart console that allows you to play with your dog even when you are not home.

Train and care for your furbaby with remote video and audio access, feeding and entertainment!

Your dog will never be bored

Don't leave your furbaby play alone

Talk to your dog while at work

Use positive reinforcement training

Reward your dog through automatic feeder

Get notified when your dog is crying

What are you setting you do, this Holiday Season?

Don't you know what to give to your fur baby? Pre-Order now at the discounted price and will be delivered on the next Holiday Season.

Pawiz is the result of unconditional love for animals and the desire to help them when they spend hours at home alone. 

I was a little bit uncertain whether to buy it or not, but it is well worth it! My dog can’t stop playing it!


I was looking for a smart device for my dog, but this is going better than I hope!


Delivered sooner than we thought. My smart dog really like playing with Pawiz and I finally have something to entertain him when I go out.