About us

Pawiz is the result of unconditional love for animals and the desire to help them when they spend hours at home alone. All of us would stay with our pets all day long if we could, but it’s impossible with our busy lives. There are so many moments we have to leave our dog or cat alone and the question is: what do they do when we are not with them?

Our project starts with this question. We built a device that helps you monitor your pet and home. Then, we gave you the ability to speak one another: so that they feel happy and can stay relaxed (and not destroy the sofa!). Finally, we added entertainment: the game. Why do we risk leaving our pets at the mercy of boredom?

This is how Pawiz was born.

We think that our four-legged friends can do more than play with any toy: we know that pets have great potential and are happier when are stimulated both mentally and physically.

Scientific studies show significant improvement in psychology, cognitive competencies, physical health and medium life duration when their days are full of activities and new experiences.

We put our energy and features together to create one device: a unique, innovative and helpful way to promote your pet’s wellness and your peace of mind.




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