Benefits of Having A Dog In Your Life

Friendship is therapy for all bad feelings. If you have a furry friend you know that he/she will be your happiness. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of human and pet relationships and how pet-therapy could be important to nursing psychological and physical diseases. 



If you have a pet you know what we are talking about: a very special friend that becomes a real-life partner, a part of the family. There are so many benefits from this relationship, and this is not only about happiness. Our health condition could be better if we have a little furbaby living with us.

Some scientific studies prove that people with psychic and physical problems can improve their status just by caressing or talking with a dog.

The pets' presence in our home can reduce family stress, as we can read in a study of Buffalo University: situations of real strong domestic anxiety are faced with more positivity if there is a pet in the family.

Another research of the Department of Public Health Science of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit confirms that living with a dog or a cat can reinforce the immune system, especially in kids.



The best way to be happy is to be friend of your pet

There is no best medicine as a pet to nurse sadness and stress: his/her unconditional love is the best thing to find at the end of a bad day.

We don't necessarily need to touch or caress the pet; just a little look could give us the right benefit to improve our mood and feelings.

We know that taking care of a pet can be something complicated because they have specific needs: for example, about foods, physical activities, and lifestyle in general. We are their family and they count only on us, so don’t forget to spend time with them and think about their general wellness: to take a walk with your furry friend is a positive experience not only for him/her but also for you and your mood.



As dog lovers we know it's not possible to stay always at home: we have stuff to do and big responsibilities to face. Sometimes, for some hours a day, we have to leave home and our dog spends this time all alone. A good way to stay in touch with him/her at every moment of the day is to play together even when you are away: you can use some technological devices to entertain and stimulate senses even when he/she is alone and the risk is to be “destroyed” by boredom.

Cameras are useful to be sure about possible dangers; microphones are the best things to stay in touch with them in spite of distance; interactive games are the best devices to no waste time and use it to improve cognitive capacities.

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When friendship is therapy

Pet therapy is a guided interaction between people and animals. The main purpose is to help these people to nurse or take care of their health or mental disorders. Benefits are both for people and pets too. This kind of interaction dates back to ancient times but it's just in the 60's that the psychiatrist Boris Levinson studies a lot to change into a scientific therapy.



Pet-therapy is not just about integrating animals like dogs, cats, hamsters or rabbits in a hospital but it’s about working with a team of people with expertise in multiple disciplines. Animals have to follow specific “rules” too, as healthy, behavioral and attitudinal requirements. They can’t suffer from anxiety, fear or aggression aptitudes.

An important research of American Humane, an animal-rights organization, found very positive results measuring cortisol's level: cortisol is the hormone that increases with the increasing of the tension. In most cases, animals - dogs in particular - during pet-therapy sessions, feel so happy and enthusiastic with low stress’ levels.


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