Technology For Pets

Know the best pet inventions

Pet's product market increased by 1,5% in 2019. We are knowing a tech revolution for our pet's lifestyle: mental activation games, smart feeders, and so on. All these devices show how our pets are real family members and not only animals. 

Find out how smart tech can improve your furry friend’s life!

There are so many inventions that allow taking care of our pets: for example, you can use the remote control when you are away or you can play interactive games with your dog, creating a real communication channel between you and him, even when you are away.

Some of these tech inventions are fundamental to train, entertain, prevent some disease (as separation anxiety) and stimulate cognitive sense through playing.


Smart devices for pets

It’s not about just spending money on useless products: smart devices want to improve your relationship making it easier and more satisfying for both, you and your baby.

Here some examples.


Dog Brain Games

Mental activation games can develop your pet’s cognitive competences, staying him/her occupied and out of trouble when he/she is home alone. You can’t take a walk together every time, and this is a possible solution to your distance.

Games have increasing difficulty levels to develop active or sedentary dogs’ cognitive competences. Pawiz is the perfect example for this goal: three flashing lights, multiple combinations and a system of positive reinforcement training for dogs to help them understand the game.



Treats’ Smart Feeder

There are so many smart feeders in commerce, both for dogs and cats. You can set up these hi-tech devices just using an APP on your smartphone. You can monitor your baby’s lifestyle, diet and activities after you upload some info like age, weight and breed: APP can calculate your dog’s or cat’s daily basic necessities and manage the daily food quantity.


Pawiz - Smart Feeder Functioning


Smart Balls

Imagine when you are not home and your pet is in completely loneliness: after your return, you can find your sofa destroyed or your slippers chewed. How many times did you find this kind of home situation?

There is a smart ball that you can monitor by far using the APP on your smartphone; sometimes it has a camera to watch your furbaby playing and take some photos.

The same device is available for cats too, but it’s a little mouse.


GPS Collars

If your biggest fear is losing your pet, no problem, there is a Hi-Tech solution. Smart GPS collars can track your pet’s movements. Thanks to the satellite navigation system, you can follow your dog or cat in real-time directly on your smartphone. It’s like Google Maps for dogs and cats: so simple and intuitive.


Water Dispenser For Pets

How many times do you find your pet’s water bowl full of fur or dust? The smart water dispenser is the right solution. It has an infrared sensor to know when water is dirty and needs to be cleaned. It can also know when your pet is near to the device to distribute clean and freshwater. The dispenser maximum capacity is usually about 3l and you can set up some issues to have a no-stop or intermittence functionality.


Flashing coats

If you go for a walk with your dog it’s important that both can be seen in darkness. Flashing coats are fitted out with a led lighting system that makes your dog visible in the darkness. Another feature can advise you when your pet is going too far from you; you can find a notification on your smartphone. This is possible thanks to a very simple Bluetooth system and an APP.

Do you know Pawiz? It’s the best game console for dogs to play together even when you are away.

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