Some Ideas For Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming and you and your dog know it.

It’s time to get some stuff ready to enjoy this celebration day together. But what can your furry friend wear to be the perfect Hallo-dog?

First, some data. In the US, dog owners - like you - are estimated to spend $350m per year to dress them up. The Tompkins Square Halloween dog parade in New York is about to enjoy its 29th year and features hundreds of dogs in elaborate costumes with props.

So here some suggestions about past and present Halloween trends.


Halloween pumpkin costume



It’s an Old but gold costume: the main symbol of Halloween days. The pumpkin could be the right costume for your dog. If you don’t want to buy a complicated and uncomfortable version, don’t worry because it’s not difficult to find a valid choice. You can buy a simple orange sweater and draw eyes and mouth: your dog will be gorgeous and comfortable at the same time.


Hot Dog costume for dogs

In this case, you have to buy it because even if you are a creative person it could be difficult to realize the right size for your dog! It’s a very popular costume so you need to know that your furbaby won’t be the one and only with this clothing.


Minion costume for dogs

Cartoon’s characters are so popular and Amazon knows it: for this reason, you can find a lot of proposals on it. Despicable Me Minions was the must-have of last Halloween; the most important thing is that this costume is so wearable by your dog: a blue overall with legs and a yellow sweater. If you want you can add some accessories like sunglasses.  


Funny Animal Halloween Costumes

A dog could be whatever he/she wants in life; for example a lion, a skunk, a triceratops.

You only need to be creative and turn your furbaby in another animal. 




Superhero costumes are so popular because always original and funny at the same time. With this kind of clothes, your dog and your human baby could be the perfect Halloween couple and go asking Trick or Treat together.

You can wear your dog as Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Batman, or why not, Joker or Robin?



Maybe, it’s the 2019’s Halloween trend. UPS Pal is the perfect costume for your dog if you don’t want to go unnoticed. This dog Halloween costume is comfortable and absolutely original.


And you? Did you already decide how to wear your dog for Halloween?

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