How to Prevent Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How many times do you have to leave your dog at home alone? And how many times do you feel guilty about it?

As dog lovers, we know how this could be hard for you. You spend your time far from your furbaby thinking about his loneliness, the possibility he can hurt himself or destroy your house.



All these things are the result of disease you know as separation anxiety. Here a complete explanation by no-profit organization ASPCA: “Separation anxiety is triggered when dogs become upset because of separation from their guardians, the people they’re attached to. Escape attempts by dogs with separation anxiety are often extreme and can result in self-injury and household destruction, especially around exit points like windows and doors”.



As you can imagine, this is a real psychological disease that can be so dangerous for your dog’s health. There’s also "soft” separation anxiety that has the same cause but other reactions as to urinate or defecate on the floor, bark or howl continuously, chew your slippers. You have to take care of your dog even if these things seem to be pranks or games because they are the first symptoms of the biggest problem.

The most important advice is to choose the perfect room or space in your house - your furry friend has to feel comfortable and relaxed in a space he perfectly knows. Then, you have to try and find a way to distract him from boredom during your time away from home.



If your dog loves music or people talks choose a tv or a radio station and leave it turned on when you leave. It could be the perfect way to get your dog to believe that someone is always at home with him.



Put a lot of toys like balls or teddy bears on the floor is not the right choice: your dog could simply destroy pouting out his anger on them. You need an interactive toy. Our advice is to buy Pawiz: it’s a smart game console that allows you to play with your furbaby when you are away.



You can use your smartphone and select one of the mental activation games and your dog can play with you using the smart-bowl on the console. You can also speak to him to reassure him about your presence and to help him to stay out of trouble. If you want to be sure about his health, you can monitor his day through the camera directly on your smartphone and track his physical and cognitive progress.



A valid option can be another interactive toy: for example, you can find something like an interactive ball that you can move on the floor by your smartphone. In this way, you can distract your furry baby by boredom and develop his curiosity. Another type of product is a camera with a speaker or treat dispenser: the limit about it is that you can’t play with him, so it can be that kind of game that lasts just one hour.



To help him more, you can add this advice to the previous ones: to leave curtains opened is a good way to prevent separation anxiety. Your dog can monitor the situation outside of the window and don’t feel claustrophobic. It’s like watching TV but it’s real for him, so it’s more important.

The same is for doors: small places with doors and windows completely closed can be dangerous for your dog and his reactions.



And you? What do you do to help your dog stay safe when you are away?
Do you know more Pawiz and its features?

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