How Important is to Play With your Dog?

How much time should you spend with your dog? Are you sure you are playing enough with him/her?

These are two good questions because playing with your dog is more important than you can think about.

So many scientific studies declared that dogs who spend time alone without playing with anyone suffering from behavioral and mental problems, like anxiety and aggression. It’s the same reason why you should exercise your dog daily. No matter the age, your dog's body, and brain need to be always engaged.



In particular, playing with him/her is not only something funny for you or good to prevent pet obesity, but it’s a natural behavior for dogs and an important chance to bond with them: indeed, the first playtime can help their emotional wellness. Puppies learn to socialize simply playing with other dogs or their humans; in this way, they can understand how relationships work, to bark, jump and manage their mood and reactions.


How often do you play with your dog?

A study from Bristol University discovered that 20% of 4000 dog owners play with their dogs six times a day, 50% two or three times and 10% once a day. These last data are not ok. Once a day is not enough to engage and take care of your pet. Five/six play sessions with your dog are good.



How to play with your dog?

There are so many ways to play with your dog. Take a walk together is also a good way to entertain him/her: go to the park and walk together for half an hour. This kind of activity is good to socialize but also to let him/her move, run and jump. Don't forget to take a tennis ball with you: dog lovers know that it's the best game for dogs.



If you want, you can also play together without any toy, just you and your furbaby: in this case, dogs’ favorite game is wrestling, preferably on the grass.


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