Can My Dog Eat Pumpkin?

It’s Halloween time, but it especially falls time. And we know how important pumpkins are for this period of the year. We decor them to show out of our houses and we use them to play with kids. We are tempted to share them with our pets. But you have to know if he/she can eat them.

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie?” or “can dogs eat pumpkin bread?” or “Can dogs eat raw pumpkin?”. These are the most common questions of pawrents. 

The first (obvious) answer is “ask your veterinarian”.

The second answer is “yes”.

Dogs (and also cats) can eat pumpkin. You can integrate them into your dog's diet as small daily treats.



But you must be careful: the keyword, in this case, is moderation.

You can’t give your dog too much pumpkin because Vitamin A on overboard can become toxic, just as beta-carotene.


Pumpkin benefits for dogs


As you can read in this article about fruits and vegetables for dogs, pumpkin has particular benefits for your furbaby’s health.

It’s rich in: 

  • Vitamin A and C: for his/her immune system;
  • Calcium: for his/her teeth and bones strong;
  • Iron: for his/her hemoglobin level.


It’s also simple to be digested and perfect to be served with some meat. So, don’t think to give a pumpkin’s complete meal! Use it as treat or “side dish”.


What kind of pumpkin is good and what kind of pumpkin for dog diarrhea?


Well, don’t pretend to give your dog a decorated pumpkin.


Buy simple! So, buy a plain canned pumpkin to be sure that they can be safe for his/her diet. Remember that pumpkin is perfect for dogs that are experiencing diarrhea and digestive issues in general.

Pay attention to spices: they can be used to give this vegetable a better taste, but in this case, it's ok only for humans.


And you? Do you give your dog pumpkin? Does he/she like it?


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