Best Dog Movies


How lucky are you to have your furry friend always with you?

We chose 10 best dog movies to remember you how much your doggy is important in your life!


Marley & Me

marley and me

Most romantic and emotional movie about dogs. No words need to describe it. We know you always cry watching it.


Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Based on a true story, this movie perfectly describes the true love between a man and a dog.


Lady and the Tramp

Lady and The Tramp

It’s a classic movie about love with its famous and unforgettable spaghetti scene.


Eight Below

Eight Below

The perfect Christmas movie with the iconic Paul Walker as main character. Friendship, loyalty and courage to describe the relationship between three scientists and their sled dogs.




Well, this movie could be another “perfect Christmas movie”: we learnt to love the famous St. Bernard since the first scene.


Air Bud
Air Bud


Keywords are: friendship, sport and talent.


Lassie movie


It’s classic made in 2006. Dogs and children? We know you cried so much.



Have dogs super powers? Bolt, with John Travolta voice, for sure! One of the best animated movies ever!


Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Beverly Hills Chihuahua


So funny and hilarious. But this movie has an important morals too.


A Dog’s Purpose
A Dog's Purpose

How important is to have a dog in your life? This movie explains you the real meaning of love.


Did you know them all?

Are there other movies you would like to share with us? Comment below!



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