6 Christmas Gifts For Dogs

As dog lovers, we know that our four-legged friends are also our best friends. They stay with us every time and when we are away, they wait for us spending hours behind the door. They certainly deserve our attention and time, and gifts too.


Here some ideas for dog lovers (and dogs) gifts.


Car Booster Seat for Dogs


How many times do you take your dog with you when you move by car? And do you know how many dogs die in car crashes? Now you can prevent this. The pet car booster seat is the right way to get your dog feel safe and comfortable when you drive: it’s the right choice to protect and take care of your fur-friend from road accidents and other problems dues to distracted driving. There are so many types of dog car seats: some of them look like a little sofa, others have a particular design but you must choose the right one looking for the best and resistant materials.



Dog Backpack


The best way to do sport with your dog? It’s to take him/her with you in a backpack. It’s not just a carrier, a way to transport your fur-friend with you. He/she can stay comfortable when you are biking or hiking. And the most important part is that your dog can be safe in it, nothing can hurt him/her. These backpacks are strong and durable and are studied to be perfect for your dog size. Sometimes they are water-resistant, easily cleaned with removable parts and side pockets for water and other things you and your dog need. They can be a very romantic gift not only for your dog but for you, too.


Smart Snuggle Puppy


Does your dog suffer from anxiety? There are so many solutions to it. But there’s a new toy that can help you to make the right and the perfect gift for your dog. It’s the smart snuggle puppy, a sort of teddy bear for puppies that helps them relaxing and sleeping when they are nervous. As puppies, they are scared about fireworks, storms, unknown people and this toy can help them to fight these. But how? The smart snuggle puppy has a real feel pulsing heartbeat.


A Tracking Collar


Imagine if you lose your little friend during a walk. It’s a tragic situation and we know that it can happen for any kind of reason: fireworks, cats or general scary noises. You can prevent this buying a tracking collar for dogs. Maybe, it’s not a fun toy for your dog but it can be so useful in this kind of situation. After putting it on your dog, you can monitor his movements every time you want directly on your smartphone. The functioning is so simple: you must download the app and set it up with the collar. Then, be sure to activate the GPS and it’s all done.




Not only a camera. Not only a microphone. It’s a real game console for dogs and owners. You can finally stay with your dog every time, even when you are physically at home. Download the app e set it up with Pawiz console: choose one of the dog brain games and start play together. Your dog can interact with you just touching the right light button on the bowl: when the touch is correct, your furry friend receives treats as a prize. How to stop dog’s separation anxiety, boredom, and loneliness, developing their cognitive capacities and enjoying your time together? With Pawiz.  


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