5 Dangerous Things Leaving A Dog Home Alone

 Leaving your dog home alone while at work can be a very dangerous situation not only for your home but for your dog’s health too.



There are a lot of things in our rooms that can hurt our four-legged friend in so many different ways. Here are 5 dangerous things for your dog home alone.


Electrical cords


Tv, Stereo, Playstation or other devices have cords: sometimes they are on the floor, sometimes on the wall but the most dangerous thing is that they can attract our dog’s attention.  Don’t forget that boredom can push him/her to play with everything he/she finds on the way: the risk is both related to the eletricity and that cords can shrink dog’s neck and asphyxiate him/her. So, the advice is to be sure to hide every kind of cords, especially when your dog is home alone.


Cleaning products



How many times do you find your dog destroying house? If you are lucky, he/she can destroy pillows and sofa. But if he/she is an adventurous dog, you know you have to be more careful, especially about cleaning products, as floor’s and dishes’ detergents.

Other important thing! We know that it is important to keep your home fresh but the liquid air freshners and other chemical smells can contain toxic substances for your dog’s respiratory system.





Coins can be made of copper or zinc. If your dog ingested one of them the material can be quickly absorbed into the blood causing serious health’s problems and death too. Coins poisoning in dogs is most common than you can think. When you leave home be sure to remove all the coins’ jar; when you return, if you notice something wrong in your dog and you think he/she could have eaten even one coin call your veterinarian! 


Coffee and chocolate



Coffee and chocolate are so good for you to start the day strong, but it’s not the same for your dog. These products contain caffeine and theobromine and other toxic substances for pets: one of this is methylxanthine. Be sure to always close the packages. If your dog eats a little piece of chocolate can suffer from convulsions and vomiting, risking to die.




Sometimes medicines for humans could be ok for pets too. But you have to know that the list of pills forbidden to dogs and cats is too long. It’s difficult to describe every single substances in all of these, so be sure to hide them carefully in the pantry.


Your dog loves you so much and he/she deserves your protection, always, especially when he/she is alone at home for hours.
The information in this article is not a substitute for professional veterinary help.
Stay with your little guy all day long!

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